Operation Smile spreads smiles through Chiriqui, Panama in April 2010!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 9 & 10

Yesterday was a wonderful last day in Panama. I spent the morning at the Airport in David, and then flew to Panama City in the President's plane. Once in Panama city, Pam and Shannon and I dropped off our bags in the hotel room and then met up with Pam's husband for lunch. Pam is staying in Panama for another week with her husband so he met us in Panama city. After lunch, we got a wonderful tour of Panama City from Xenia. We went to this incredible artist market where I saw and bought many native pieces of art and clothing. We saw much of the city, including rainforest and the Panama Canal! We then went to the mall and did a little shopping. Xenia was incredibly kind and had us for dinner at her house. It was delicious and a wonderful final meal.

This morning I flew home. I'm exhausted after over 12 hours of travel, but thrilled with all the wonderful memories from Panama.
I couldn't have asked for a better mission, and I will treasure the past 10 days for the rest of my life. I love both my mission partner and mission sponsor with all my heart, and think we were an amazing trio. I am excited to see everyone at home, but to be honest, I wish I was still in Panama. I have been thinking about the children nonstop and think that I will for a very long time. As much as OP Smile helped them, these kids really taught me a lot too. I wish I could see them all in 10 years and witness how their lives have changed. I can't believe my mission is already over, and I would do the whole thing over again tomorrow if I could.

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